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Information for service centers

Part identification requirements

Each item that arrives at JSC "UKH "MMZ" for consideration under the reclamation act must be identified with a tag.

Basic requirements for an identification plate:

  • should be done on thick paper
  • must be protected from environmental influences (lamination or adhesive tape)
  • Fields filled in by hand or typed text
  • size 100x35 mm


Requirements for acts of completed work

  1. The act must be identified (# , date)
  2. The act must be drawn up and submitted to the accounting department as the work is completed, but no later than 1 (one) month after the completion of the work
  3. It is permissible to submit several claims in the act, while submitting claims only with identification (No., date) of the reporting period (quarter).
  4. Claims in the Act must be identified (No., date).
  5. The act must indicate the total amount of costs and costs in the context of each complaint.
  6. The contractor must confirm the work performed by calculations.

Summary cost sheet