Service and Warranty /Information for consumers

Information for consumers

High-quality repair and replacement of the engine from the manufacturer

The ability to endure the most severe and extreme operating conditions is initially laid down in the technical parameters
and the capabilities of engines produced by the Minsk Motor Plant. After the development of the resource laid down by the manufacturer, the replacement or repair of the engine is required.

Minsk Motor Plant carries out the whole range of works
for branded warranty and post-warranty maintenance of engines of our own production of any modification. Job
Reception and processing of applications is carried out around the clock. Payment
from individuals and legal entities is accepted as in cash,
and in non-cash form through the cash desk of the company store.

Specialists in branded repair of non-warranty engines, manufactured by MMZ, guarantee quick diagnostics, engine repair within a day from the date of receipt of the order
and subsequent warranty service for a year after repair for replaced parts and assemblies.

The technical equipment of only the Minsk Motor Plant allows for full-fledged bench tests and fixing the characteristics after its repair. High-quality service repairs with the installation of branded components
from the manufacturer, avoids operational problems
and gives a guarantee of long-term flawless operation of the engine.

To diagnose and eliminate breakdowns of any complexity, specialized equipment and tools are required, as well as qualified craftsmen. All these components of high quality are ready to be provided at the Minsk Motor Plant.

Turning to non-core or private specialists who provide repair services for MMZ engines entails additional unforeseen expenses and an increase in the cost of repairs, as well as a complete set of low-quality parts. And the lack of the necessary bench tests will not give the consumer any guarantees of wear resistance and further reliability of the motor.

Our indisputable advantages:

  • repair of any complexity within a day;
  • computer and mechanical diagnostics, troubleshooting;
  • a wide range of service, warranty and post-warranty services;
  • repair of any MMZ engines;
  • specialized factory equipment;
  • highly qualified craftsmen;
  • bench testing and running-in;
  • installation of original branded spare parts;
  • shorter operational deadlines for the execution of work;
  • acceptable prices from the manufacturer;
  • Guarantee for all types of work - 1 year.