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Engineer for adjustment and testing of ventilation systems and equipment

from 1,500 Br before tax


- to carry out technical supervision and control over technically sound condition and operation of ventilation equipment, air conditioning and heating systems in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation;

- test and adjust ventilation equipment, determine the efficiency of ventilation units;

- prepare passports of gas cleaning plants in accordance with environmental norms and rules;

- inventory and keep records of the Company's ventilation equipment;

- develop instructions, schedules, and keep records of equipment containing ozone-depleting and ozone-safe substances;

- ensure that contracts for purchase of spare parts, maintenance and repair of air-conditioning, ventilation, heating and thermal insulation systems are executed and approved by the Company's structural subdivisions.


- Higher profile education

Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full-time employment, full day

Loader driver

from 1,800 Br before tax


-Transportation of components outside the territory of the enterprise


-Having a forklift driver's certificate of 4th category

-It is possible to provide a hostel in the city of Minsk

Leading Logistics Economist

from 1,850 Br before tax


Carries out the work on organisation of procurement of goods (works, services), including for state needs, by tender (other types of procurement procedures) in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation.

Develops (participates in development) and prepares for approval draft annual procurement plans taking into account the funds allocated to the organisation for the next financial (budgetary) year for procurement procedures.

Carries out marketing research of market conditions, analyses information required for procurement procedures.

Ensures preparation of a procurement task or preparation of a competitive list depending on the type of procurement procedure.

Participates as a member of the tender (price) commission in establishing qualification requirements for participants of purchases, in conducting tenders for purchases or procedures for request for quotations, drawing up a competitive list of single-source purchases, drawing up necessary tender (other types of) documents in accordance with the established requirements.

Presents in accordance with the established procedure tender documents (other types of documents) for familiarisation of procurement participants.

Carries out work (participates as a member of the competitive (price) commission) to check bids (competitive, price bids) for their compliance with the requirements of competitive documents (request for quotations).

Conducts together with the competitive (price) commission evaluation of qualification data (competitive bids) of participants of procurement procedures in accordance with the criteria and method specified in the competitive documents.

Prepares the necessary documents (certificate of the procurement procedure, competitive sheets, additions to the procurement task, etc.) at the conclusion of state contracts (agreements) for the supply of goods for state needs.

Participates in the resolution of disagreements related to procurement procedures.


Required work experience: 1-3 years

Full time, full day

Design Engineer

from 1,500 Br before tax


-complete and provide the registered points of the enterprise and non-resident registered enterprises with design documentation in accordance with the normative documentation and the current system of production and technical relations for providing the services of the enterprise and suppliers with design documentation in accordance with the preliminary notification, notices of change, notices for changing the list of technological routes, orders, instructions, memos;
-execute coordination of preliminary notices in accordance with normative documentation;
-administer and control the work with notices at all stages of the life cycle from the beginning of their registration, movement through the services at the stage of coordination to the issuance of a complete set of design and technical documentation in preparation of production or production;
-copying of drawings;
-selection, completion and issuance of design and technical documentation.


-higher technical education (engineer);
-knowledge of requirements and provisions of ESCD;
-knowledge and ability to work in Microsoft Office, 1C, CAD programmes;
-reading of drawings;
-willingness to work

Civil Engineer

from 1,500 Br before tax


-compilation of estimates and financial documentation for repair of equipment, buildings and structures, reconstruction of operating facilities;

- reviewing and analysing defect lists, repair lists and working drawings of objects to be repaired and reconstructed;

- preparation of source data for determining the estimated cost of all types of repair work;

- keeping records of estimated documentation, systematisation of estimates and financial calculations for periodically recurring works in order to create standard estimates, preparation of necessary certificates of estimated cost of works;

- procurement of materials.


-higher education, speciality "Industrial and civil construction"

Engineer for labour organisation and rationing

from 1,450 Br before tax


-Calculation of the number of main and auxiliary workers
-Timekeeping observations
-Closing the output in work orders and analysing work rates
-Maintaining the staff schedule


-Required work experience: 3-6 years
-Full employment, full day
- Higher education
-Experience in industry is desirable
-work in 1C
-Employment according to the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus

Leading process engineer (programmer)

from 2,000 Br before tax


- development, implementation and debugging of control programmes for main production parts, forming surfaces of complex shape of foundry and die tooling using 3- to 5-axis milling and drilling processing on CNC machines.


- higher technical education;

- work experience as a specialist in the field of technological preparation and programming of machining on CNC machines;

- knowledge and experience with CAM-systems Pro/Engineer, Siemens NX and other CAM modules and systems is welcomed.

Must know:

- requirements of the unified system of design documentation, other guiding materials, on development and execution of technical documentation;

- technology of processing of details on metalworking machines with CNC;

- ways and methods of calculation of tool path parameters using computer-aided design systems (CAD) and preparation of control programmes (CAM).