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Company history

1960 – 1970s

1960 May 26 was issued a resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council Ministers of the USSR No. 563 "On the start of construction in Minsk, a motor plant for the production diesel engines.
The project provided for the annual release 120,000 D-50 engines with a capacity of 50–60 hp. With.

In the autumn of 1960 on the northeast outskirts of Minsk
between tractor and bearing factories the construction of the Minsk motor factory. The first plant manager was appointed V.A. Rozhkov.

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1961 At the beginning of the year obtaining project documentation for diesel hull and as received from machine tool factories technical offers for automatic lines, modular and special machines, began development of technological processes, working plan for the placement of equipment, instrument equipment.

1962 In February on based on the design technology group
the department of the chief technologist was organized, who continued to develop technical assignments. In April, the installation of the first two automatic lines. By the end of the year it was already mounted
14 automatic lines, 196 special and aggregate machines,
338 universal machines, 34 units press equipment, one stand for motor testing. October 12 were collected first examples of four-cylinder engines D-50.

1963 Formed and plant structure. OnJanuary 1 at the structure of the plant consisted of 17 departments and plant management services, 4 workshops of the main production and 4 auxiliary. Council of the national economy of the BSSR issued an order No. 963r, according to which the Minsk Motor the plant was considered "partially commissioned
in operation for a capacity of 50,000 motors per year".

since July 23, 1963- the plant is conducting its own history. Mastered the production of tractor engine D-50 with a resource of 2500 hours. Before end of the year
11360 D-50 engines rolled off the assembly line new tractor MTZ-50.

1964 All Belarus tractorsMinsk Tractor Plant are completed diesel engines D-50.
Together with the construction and development of the plant social issues are also addressed. stand out significant funds for construction housing, hostels, preschool institutions. In March 1964 entered service children's complex for 119 places.

1969 Production of diesel engines mastered D-60 with a capacity of 60–65 liters. With. with the aim of meet the needs of the foreign market for tractors "Belarus" series 500 "super". 500,000 engines produced.

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1970 Extended diesel life from 2500 to 5000 hours, reduced oil consumption by waste from 2 to 1%, direct export deliveries of diesel engines to Germany.

1970 – 1980s

1971 The plant was the first in the industry got the right to label their products State mark of quality. Director factory
V.A. Rozhkov was awarded the State USSR Prize for 1971.

1974 Development of a new four-cylinder engine families D-240 and their modifications with direct fuel injection with a capacity of 60-85 liters. With. WITH The millionth diesel engine came off the plant's conveyor.

1975 Beginning of straight lines export deliveries of motors to Bulgaria, Pakistan, Vietnam and other countries.

1978 Plant director appointed I.D. Semak.

1980 Discontinuation D-50 engines for the domestic market. Behind development of production and international cooperation, the plant team was awarded International Prize "Golden Mercury".

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1980 – 1990s

1981 For high performance in development of production and release of reliable and quality products factory staff awarded the Order of the Red Labor Banner. Came off the assembly line two millionth engine.

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1983 On the basis of the enterprise production association established "Minsk Motor Plant", which includes included: the head enterprise Minsk Motor plant and production units Borisov plant of aggregates and a branch in city of Stolbtsy. Dispensary-sanatorium "Dream" received the first visitors.

1984 Production mastered tractor engine D-245.

1985 Released on January 2 in light the first issue of a large-circulation newspaper "Motorbuilder". She started publishing twice a week on 4 A3 pages.

1987 Turner-borer experimental workshop L.I. Dyusov became laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.

1988 Plant Director becomes I.Ya. Vorobyov. From the main assembly line rolled off the three millionth diesel. Pupil of the sports club "Motor" becomes an Olympic silver medalist games in Seoul. Pioneer commissioned Teremok camp.

1990 Discontinued diesel engines D-50 and D-60 for the foreign market. BY MMZ joined the association state enterprises, associations and organizations for the production of diesel engines.

1990 – 2000s

1992 Production mastered car engine
D-245.1 for deliveries to AMO "ZIL". In February to serial
MAZ-5433 installed 180-horsepower six-cylinder engine D-260T produced by MMZ. In June began running testing diesel D-265 on the bus "Ikarus-260".

1993 General Director MMZ appointed
K.I. Shavlovsky. At the beginning of the year, developed promising program of training and creation of production capacities in 1993-1995 gg. D-240T/260T type engines, finishing their technical level
up to Euro-1 and Euro-2 standards. Summer gone testing engines D-245.20 on cars plant them. Likhachev.

July 23 the plant turned 30 years old. Behind this period released
3,750,000 diesels. Factory products delivered to 85 countries of the world,
including as part of agricultural machinery.

In the association "Minskpassazhiravtotrans" realized the idea
for installation on a bus LAZ engine D-245.20, which was mass-produced for ZIL.

1994 September 23 the President visited the plant Republic of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko. Mastered production of D-247 diesel for Zavolzhsky caterpillar tractor factory. IN experimental workshop assembled the first six engines D-260.5 with vertical location
cylinders for buses AMAZ. Assembled and tested the first serial D-265 engine for the Ikarus bus.

The recreation center "Lesnaya Vereteyka.

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1995 Production mastered tractor diesel
D-260 and its modifications.

Start of work on certification of diesel engines MMZ. Prototypes of Minsk diesel engines confidently diverge on automobile enterprises CIS countries: ZIL, GAZ, Kurgan, Pavlovsky, Lviv bus factories.

1996. Production mastered automotive diesel engines D-245.12, D-245.9 and combine engine D-260.4.

In April, the production site began work crankshaft
for motors D-260/265. Plot launched cylinder block liners. Order received for 10000 motors for MTZ-510 tractor for supplies
to Pakistan. Created production facilities
1000 six-cylinder diesels.

A prototype engine was made for tractor produced
at the Southern Machine-Building Plant and for MAZ.

1997 Production mastered automotive diesel engines D-247.7, D-260.5 and combine D-260.7.

April 16 left the main conveyor four millionth engine.

1998 Commissioned conveyor for assembling six-cylinder diesels. In May, the 3,000th was assembled, and in December - five thousandth six-cylinder engine.

Start of work on certification of Minsk diesel engines in UVMV (Prague): automobile diesels modifications are certified according to EURO-1, tractor - according to UNECE Rules No. 96.

The Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov visited the plant.

On the eve of the new year, the 5000th six-cylinder engine.

1999 March 5 CEO appointed N.I. Lobach, who previously headed time for 10 years Borisov factory aggregates.

Mastered the production of tractor diesel D-245.16 for supplies
at the Onega Tractor Plant. Diesels tractor modifications are certified by EPA (USA).

In August at the International Motor Show in St. Four modifications were presented to Moscow four - and six-cylinder diesel engines MMZ.

Installed at Pavlovsk Bus Plant Minsk engine
for a new model - an intercity bus PAZ-3209 "Aurora".

Presidium of the Minsk Regional Council Belarusian Society of Inventors and innovators awarded the plant with the Honorary Diploma for excellence in the development of scientific and technical creativity.

2000 May 15 at MMZ visited for the second time by the President of the Republic Belarus A. G. Lukashenko.

Mastered the production of a tractor engine D-245.2.

State Enterprise "Minsk motor plant»
pursuant to the order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus No. 217 dated June 27 renamed to Production republican unitary enterprise Minsk Motor Plant.

Completed work on certification of the system quality and compliance international system of standards ISO series 9000.

June 30 The 10,000th six-cylinder engine.

2000 – 2005s

2001 Production mastered combine diesel D-260.9.
In the testing center of the Institute for vehicle research, Prague, Czech Republic, certification tests of the upgraded family diesel automobile modifications with a capacity 80–
184 kW for compliance UNECE Regulations on Hazardous Emission Standards substances with exhaust gases and at the level Euro-2 standards.

April 18 a solemn meeting dedicated to the awarding of UE "MMZ" Euro-2 compliance certificates (UNECE Regulations 24-03, 85, 49-02B) automotive modifications of diesel engines D-245 and D-260.

July 9 The 15,000th six-cylinder engine.

A cooperation agreement was signed with OJSC "Southern Machine-Building Plant" Dnepropetrovsk. He was given experienced samples of engines D-245 and D-243.

At the International "Autosalon-2001" in Moscow presented certified Euro 2 production engines
MMZ D-245.11 E2, D-245.30 E2, D-260.11 E2, D-260.12 E2 and D-265E.

2002 During the visit of the Moscow delegation in May Director of AMO "ZIL" V.B. Nosov with stated with satisfaction
that over the past 7 years in cooperation with MMZ was found mutual understanding, the parties intend to continue cooperation
and work to improve diesel engines.

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August 19 with a working visit to MMZ visited by the Prime Minister of Belarus G.V. Novitsky and the mayor of the capital M.Ya. Pavlov.

In Moscow, at the "Motor Show", the plant represented its products
as part of the exposition of AMO "ZIL".

With the appointment of a new CEO OAO GAZ
A.G. Barantsev went accelerating cooperation between the two companies.

Preparations for certification have begun samples of tractor diesel engines of the corresponding II stage of international environmental standards: Directive 2000/25/EC (Europe), EPA Rules (USA).

Negotiations were held in Vietnam with management of the company "Agromas" on the expansion nomenclature and volumes of direct deliveries
to Vietnam engines and spare parts to him. Agromas was provided with dealer rights.

Work is underway to create a site in the CMS gears, since the Minsk Gear Plant cannot ensure its production
in full and of the required quality. On the plant began the transition to a contract form labor relations.

December 21 the 20,000th six-cylinder engine.
It turned out to be D-260.2-06, intended for installation on the MTZ-1221 tractor.

2003 Tractor engines modifications in the power range 55–186 kW certified according to Stage II of the Directive 2000/25/EC. Work has begun on the creation six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 258 kW (350 l/s).

The plant is 40 years old. Decree of the President Republic of Belarus No. 435 dated October 2, 2003 "for the great personal contribution of PRUP employees "Minsk Motor Plant" in development engineering
and increase of production efficiency” received state awards: CNC milling machine Vasily Zaruba ECC locksmith Viktor Mezavtsov (Order of Honor), turner at RMC Anatoly Borovoy, grinder MTs-2 Tatyana Kachaeva, head of the design bureau of the OGT Gennady Nekrashevich, electrician CMS Vasily Tarasevich (medal "For Labor Merit"). Chief Designer Viktor Zharnov awarded the honorary title "Honored industrial worker of the Republic Belarus".

The transition of the primary trade union organization of PO "MMZ" of the Belarusian trade union automotive workers
and agricultural machineryoeniya in Belarusian Trade Union of Workers industry. Engines developed increased power of 250 and 280 liters. With. For Minsk Tractor Plant.

Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated November 26, 2003
for the introduction of highly effective methods quality management
and ensuring, on this basis, the release competitive products of UE "MMZ" awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements
in the field of quality in 2003.

2004 For development and mastering the mass production of aluminum pistons for internal combustion engines
using resource-saving technologies to a team of developers, among which the workers of the Minsk Motor Plant and the Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, awarded by the Ministry industry of the Republic of Belarus in the field of science and technology
in the nomination "Progressive technological processes, resource-saving technologies”.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 34 dated January 22, 2004 General Director of PO "MMZ" - UE "MMZ" N.I. Lobach was awarded the Order of Honor
for many years of fruitful work in the field mechanical engineering, a great personal contribution to development of the industry of the republic.

In order to improve management enterprises of association, coordination and Council was established to control their activities directors of the association under the leadership General Director N.I. Lobach.

Completed the next stage of reconstruction test station TSIM: it is equipped with new test benches with Czech equipment. Six of them are intended for testing "sixes", 10 - for four-cylinder engines.

A contract was signed with Rostselmash for supply of engines
D-260 for combine harvesters. Part PA "MMZ" as an agricultural branch included a private unitary enterprise "Svetlaya Niva", located in Pukhovichsky area.

Work was actively carried out to create the first experimental engines with a capacity of 300 liters. With. For new energy-saturated tractors
MTZ and 350-horsepower diesel engines for automotive equipment, as well as engines with a capacity of 155 liters. with., corresponding to Euro-3 standards.

On the basis of the enterprise, an extended meeting of the scientific and technical council BelRusAuto. CEO "BelRusAvto" O.M. Danilov made a report on goals and objectives of the program of the Union state "Development of diesel automotive industry for the period up to 2008”.

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Carrying out the task of the President of the country, the plant staff has crossed the 100,000th engine release plate.

2005 Title approved "Honored Worker of the Minsk Motor factory." It is awarded for especially important merit
and significant contribution to the development production.

GAZ came in second place after MTZ in terms of volumes of consumption of our motors.

In February the plant was visited by the President of the Republic of Belarus A. Lukashenko. He put before engine builders the task of setting up the production powerful 300 —
and 350-horsepower engines for MTZ tractors and MAZ vehicles.

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Beginning of negotiations with the German company BOSCH by application
on our electronic engines Comman Rail fuel supply system.

In celebrations dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in Great
Patriotic War, on Red Square in Moscow participated cars stylized under cars that went through the whole war.
They were made at ZIL and completed engines
MMZ modification D-245.9-402.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for great contribution to the development of economic relations between Russia and Belarus General director of PO "MMZ" - UE "MMZ" N.I. Lobach was awarded the Order of Friendship.

Awarded for the first time the title of "Honored employee of the Minsk Motor Plant. Their were awarded the mainacting engineer production on fixed assets, protection labor and industrial sanitation
O.E. Zhdanovich, head of technological laboratory - deputy chief technologist I.V. Ionov, grinder ECC A.A. Sevashko, slinger MTs-2 S.K. Severintsev, repairman
TsAL R.I. Trusevich.

From October daily production executive meetings divisions are held by conference call connections.

According to the results of the competition "Best Products Republic of Belarus
on the market of the Russian Federation, approved by the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus, products of UE "MMZ", namely the engines D-245.7E2 and D-245.9E2, became the winner of the competition in nomination "Products industrial and technical purposes". Prototypes of engines meeting environmental standards Euro-3, delivered consumers: GAZ, ZIL, MAZ.

In the 2005 harvesting season, combine harvesters
"Lida - 1300", KZS - 10KM, UES - 280 produced by Lidaagromash
and Gomselmash, as well as tractors MTZ - 2822 and MTZ —
3022 300 and 350 hp engines. With. performance tests were carried out. For ensure standards
Euro-4 WGC specialists are working on modernization of serially produced 4 - and 6-cylinder engines.

The plant was visited by the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret.

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2006 – 2010s

2006The plant took place collegium of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus, dedicated to the Day of Belarusian Science.
It was attended by about 190 heads of enterprises of the Ministry industry from all over the country. On area of the affiliated plant Agroenergomash organized a new structural unit - production machine tool industry.

February 15 the first protocol was signed technical meeting
according to the design and development plan engine D-249.

Delegates of the III All-Belarusian People's meetings were the General Director of PO "MMZ" - UE "MMZ" N.I. Lobach and the shop manager mechanization M.M. Makritsky.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus "for high achievements in the production
and socio-cultural spheres, significant personal contribution
in fulfillment of forecast indicators socio-economic development of the republic in 2001–2005” were awarded:
Honor - Head of the Central Committee M.M. Makritsky, medal "For ore merits" - head MC-1 V.V. Garbuz, turner EkTs A.B. Lazovsky, shopping center driver O.P. Levdansky, tester TsSIM engines
V.L. Savchuk. Came off the assembly line 50,000th D-260 engine, which was sent to Striker.

In November the first serial engine
D-262 with a capacity of up to 300 liters. With. Contract for delivery of 150 of these boosted engines concluded with JSC "Lidagroprommash".

MMZ confirmed the title of the Prize laureate Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality in 2006.

Investments in fixed assets in 2006 amounted to more than
15 billion rubles. Purchase of equipment produced
at the enterprises of Belarus and abroad. Among largest acquisitions: complex for chemical treatment of Ipsen gears (Germany), machine for whirling processing of the crankshaft of the company "Beringer" (Germany), grinding machines for crankshaft of Harvest company (Ukraine).

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2007 January 19 Ministry industry of the Republic of Belarus and a Russian company GAZ Group signed an agreement on joint development of automotive diesel industry. Meeting of Representatives the two sides took place at MMZ. He was held First Deputy Prime Minister
RB V.I. Semashko. Questions were considered work
over promising Euro-3 engines and Euro 4.

Visited the plant on a study visit Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, deputy State Duma of the Russian Federation Gennady Andreevich Zyuganov.

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The winner of the competition for the best organization of ideological work in labor collectives of the capital for 2006 in the nomination "Industry: with the number of employees more than 1000 people" was the Minsk Motor factory.

May 22 an agreement on strategic partnership
and long-term cooperation between MMP and by Robert Bosch GmbH. This important the document was sealed with signatures: from the MMZ - General Director N.I. Lobach, with German side - vice president of the company Wolfgang Kuhr and Deputy General director of the Russian representative office Walter Schopf. The agreement provides technical cooperation in the field development, adaptation and serial deliveries diesel fuel injection systems
and other automotive components.

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The plant was visited by a delegation of one of the largest in the world of companies
for the production of heavy and medium cars and diesel engines of various modifications - corporations "International Truck and Engine Corporation (USA). Worked out questions of prospects cooperation.

In the competition of professional skills "Minsk Master - 2007", which was held Minsk city executive committee and city association trade union organizations, MMZ workers toolmaker InTs Victor Korsak took 1st place in his profession, turner
PS Andrey Makhlov in his nomination became second.

October 25 trial run new factory "brainchild" - the engine D-249. Diesel was developed by bureau employees advanced design of OGK: A.A.Ivanov, A.V. Poboykin,
P.M. Sakovich, K.N. Yurchuk, V.A. Shparaga and A.N. Semko. Managed by the head of the bureau IN AND. Pechan.

Presentation of a new generation engine, meeting European environmental Euro-4 standards, took place on 9 November. The right to launch a new the engine was provided to an assistant President of the Republic of Belarus S.P. Tkachev and General director of the association N.I. Lobach.

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In the middle of November serial production of the Euro-3 engine. To that a lot of work has been done: technological preparation production, mastered the production of 79 original parts, 20 units of new equipment, a subassembly site was organized automobile engines, converted 10 test boxes.

From consumers for 2008 received application for 141 thousand engines.

2008 January 10 on plant held an extended meeting
bureau of the coordinating council for the implementation State Integrated Target scientific and technical program "Engineering" for 2006-2010. Conducted meeting chairman of the coordinating Council, First Deputy Prime Minister
RB V.I. Semashko. One of the main questions agenda - development of production diesel engines for automobiles and tractor purpose of increased power.

Collegium of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus with the participation Prime Minister of the Republic
S.S. Sidorsky passed at the factory. S.S. Sidorsky visited MMZ for the first time, so during production time was interested in equipment, questions release of new technology.

At the Institute for the Study of Motor Vehicles funds (Prague, Czech Republic) in February were certification of four-cylinder engines tractor modifications: D-243.2S3А, D-245S3A, D-245.5S3A, D-245.43S3A.

March 17 visited the plant representative delegation consisting of: Union Secretary of State states of Belarus
and Russia P.P. Borodin, leader Minsk representative office of the permanent Committee of the Union State A.N. Kulichkov, General Director of CJSC "Central Company MFPG" BelRusAvthen“ O.M. Danilov and others. The guests were interested in the question implementation of the activities of the program of the Union State „Development of diesel automotive industry for the period up to 2008”.

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At the site of electroerosive processing and thread grinding
Ints installed a new electroerosive wire cutting machine production Taiwan. This machine is the only one
in Belarus.

Two new machining centers made in Germany StarragHeckert GmbH.
These are multifunctional high-precision and high-performance milling and boring machines CNC machines. They are intended
for the manufacture of engine blocks D-263.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 275 dated May 15, 2008 awarded: Order of Honor - Deputy head of MTs-6 for production V.N. Baeshko, mechanic of mechanical assembly works of ECC V.A. Brand, medal
"For Labor Merit" - Technical Director I.K. Anushkevich, head of the OESsChPU G.N. Vasilevsky, chief designer
R.M. Kamenetsky, grinder MTs-2 G.B. Copco, adjuster of automatic lines and aggregate machine tools MC-1 V.F. Maslovsky, head engine test section of TsSIM V.M. Sereda, plumbing installer and equipment ENTS F.I. Stadnichuk.

July 23 Minsk Motor Plant during The Palace of the Republic celebrated its 45th anniversary.

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Launch of a joint project with Tutaevsky engine plant (Russia) for production at MMZ 8-cylinder engines. Tutaevtsy manufacture and supply to Minsk basic parts, assembly
and engine tests are carried out at MMZ. Planned localization of parts in new engines to bring up to 25%. By the middle of summer four eight-cylinder engines 425 l. s., collected at the MMZ, passed tests in the BelAZ. By the end of the year in Another 10 new motors were shipped to Zhodino. Interest in the D-280, in addition to BelAZ, showed Gomselmash.

In September - November were made the first prototypes of the D-245.9E4 engine up to 136 hp With. and after bench tests sent to PAZ and GAZ for adaptation on the technology of these enterprises. TO the end of the year at the work of the enterprise beganfeel the impact of global financial crisis. Due to reduced sales increased inventory.

Based on the order of the State property committee
Republic of Belarus dated December 30, 2008 No. 380, in in accordance with the legislation of the Republic Belarus on the privatization of the state property, JSC "Minsk engine plant" by converting production unitary enterprise Minsk Motor Plant" and a subsidiary republican unitary enterprise "Trading
motor factory house. supreme body management of JSC "MMZ"
and government agency is the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

2009 February 24 from President visited the plant on a working visit Belarus A.G. Lukashenko. This is the fourth his visit to the motor.
He got acquainted with the work of the enterprise in conditions of the global financial crisis, was interested in how the
his instruction to organize the release modern diesel engines power, what modern equipment equipped with motor production. IN the presence of the Head of State took place official start of the engine responsible European environmental standards Euro-5.

In March the staff of the plant had letter of thanks from the mayor of the capital M.Ya. Pavlova and a valuable gift - colored TV - for a high level of organization ideological work and a significant contribution to social and economic development of Minsk.

Shipped in the first quarter of the year "Gomselmash" for testing on universal energy facility KVK-800 425-horsepower engine D-280.1.

In April as part of the Minsk motor plant" included
JSC "Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant". Reorganization
carried out in order to ensure fulfillment of planned indicators for production of diesel engines, expand production of import-substituting parts, organize the production of blanks modern casting methods.

The production of special equipment has begun production truck mixers MABS-7 and MABS-6. On two engines are installed on the base of the MAZ chassis produced by MMZ: one as a power unit, the second —
to rotate the mixing drum. Already implemented
three of the eight cars produced.

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At the end of August in the walls experimental workshop was born a new engine, or rather - 300-horsepower modification of our row "six" D-262. It is designed for high power tractors
MTZ type 3022.

Implemented new projects in production special equipment: production of concrete pumps MBS-20 and joint production with CJSC "Betsema" (RF) complexes for patching roads.

In November on the territory of the enterprise self-service store "Motor" was opened with assortment that is in no way inferior to urban grocery stores.

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A new chamber unit
for carbonitriding parts of a German company IPSEN.

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For several years now, the company has successfully exploited
two similar furnaces from a recognized world manufacturer.

2010 site for branded engine repairs. In April engine D-249 (190 hp, Euro-4) was installed on a MAZ-4570 truck for performance tests as part of vehicle.

A delegation visited the plant at the end of April Robert Bosch GmbH, headed by Vice President, Diesel Systems Division Klaus Boler.

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The purpose of the visit was to discuss issues development of bilateral cooperation: continuation of work on joint projects
for mastering the production of engines Euro-3, Tier 3A, Tier 3B and others.

A new division was organized at the plant - transportation service, the purpose of which implementation of a logistics system in the provision transport services for the delivery of goods third parties
and efficient use of attracted transport.

Started testing of the new engine D-262S3A with a capacity of 300 liters. With. V composition of technology. The motor is equipped with electronic fuel supply Common Rail, corresponds to the international level environmental safety Tier 3A. Tractor with such a power plant can be replaced by the field of three - four weaker brothers type "Belarus-1221".

An agreement was signed with the French company ATEQ for the supply of three modern test engine test benches
for tightness.

Started work on the organization of production new highly accelerated V-shaped 8-cylinder engines. The motor in which primarily interested in the manufacturer mining equipment BelAZ, will be the most powerful in the product line —
765 horsepower. New arrived at the factory state-of-the-art German foundry equipment for the aluminum casting shop.

Prototype made diesel generator set MDG-40. IN In the future, it is planned to master the range of DGU power
from 10 to 120 kW. December 24 from assembly 100,000th assembly line of the plant six-cylinder engine.

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Anniversary D-260.2-360 became the heart of the tractor MTZ "Belarus-1221" with a capacity of 130 liters. With.

2011 – 2015s

2011 tripartite negotiations of leaders
OJSC "Minsk Motor Plant", OJSC "Tutaevsky Motor Plant"
and JSC "Belarusian Automobile Plant" the issue of the production of D-280 engines for BelAZ.

The plant was visited by representatives of the Italian Lombardini for the establishment joint production of small engines power.

In the workshop of small series, installation and adjustment of a unique complex of equipment for the production of gears made by the German firm Prevema.

CSIM put into operation a high-tech Atlas Copco equipment designed for screwing head bolts block of cylinders of six-cylinder engines. In the tool shop put into operation of the universal five-coordinate CNC vertical machining center German firm "Hermle".

Certificate of honor and crystal goblet administration of the Partizansky district of Minsk OJSC MMZ was awarded "for the achievement positive results in the implementation key indicators socio-economic development in 2010 year." Another honorable mention and the crystal cup deserved the team catering plant "for ensuring high performance socio-economic development in trade service organizations. IN in accordance with the order of the general director of chief designer department renamed to main office constructor.

The founders of LLC "Trading House" Minsk Motor Plant“
in the city of Noginsk, Moscow Region, steel OJSC "MMZ" and ChTPUP "Trading House of Minsky motor plant" (Minsk).

Certification procedure completed in Prague three modifications of the six-cylinder engine for compliance with international environmental Tier 3B standards. By this very enterprise retained the ability to deliver products to European countries.

A start has been made on the development of a project to create in Belarus
under the leadership of MMZ new modern iron foundry
with an annual output of up to 50,000 tons precision casting
from gray cast iron of high grades. Designed a new type of commercial product - snowplow SUM-160.

Experimental engine handed over to MAZ D-280.1 with a capacity of 600 liters. with., providing ecological level Euro-4,
for installation on a prototype bonnet cargo
car MAZ.

The plant has organized a harness assembly section. Its planned capacity is 1200–1400 sets of harnesses per month for the entire program production of Euro-3 engines. Here harnesses will be produced for motors of all subsequent classes.

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A decision was made to create a three-cylinder engine of our own design. In UGK engine design bureau established low power. It is planned that the first samples of new engines will be collected already in the first half of 2012.

Work has begun on the development and creation prototype biogas gas-diesel engine for cogeneration unit.

Four modifications of motors D-245 certified
for compliance with the environmental standard Euro 4.

From January 1, 2012 the plant is ready start serial production of these engines.

October 14 a demonstration showing a joint brainchild of the Minsk motor and automobile factories - school bus small class MAZ3241030, equipped with engine
D-245.35E4 with a capacity of 177 liters. With.

At the Belarusian Innovation Week OJSC MMZ presented
two projects. The first concerns production four —
and six-cylinder engines from 80 to 350 l. with., meeting environmental Euro-4, -5 and higher standards. Second project is an 8-cylinder V-twin engine
D-280.3E4 for MAZ bonneted vehicle.

2012 Four modifications engine D-245 are certified for compliance with the environmental standard Euro 4. Among them - diesel D-245.35E4 with a capacity of 177 liters. s., intended for Minsk Automobile Plant. While it is the most powerful "four" Euro-4 level in the MMZ line. IN March, JSC "Experimental experiment nal plant technological equipment".

In May, MMZ was visited by the President of the GAZ Group, Bu Inge Andersson. The main purpose of the visit is negotiating current and promising cooperation issues.

history picture

In June a presentation of new development of diesel engines, as part of which was ceremonially launched small three-cylinder engine MMZ-3LD. The guests of honor of the plant were Assistant to the President of the Republic
Belarus S.P. Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture economy and food L.A. Marinich, Chairman of the State Committee for science
and technologies I.V. Voitov.

history picture

Toolmaker IP Yu.S. Bystrymovich became the winner of the city competition professional skill "Minsk Master 2012".

In November the German company "Bosch" conducted the technical
and a diagnostic forum based on MMZ. For More than 140 people attended the event guests, representatives of various enterprises
and organizations of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine.

November 20 Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus in the public register the holding "MINSK MOTOR PLANT,
which included OJSC MMZ, OJSC GZPD, OJSC "ZhMZ", JSC "LLMZ", JSC "OEZTO". First December OJSC "Minsk Motor Plant" renamed to OAO Managing Company holding "MINSK MOTOR PLANT".

December 5 to the foundation of the building by production of iron castings
at the MMZ branch in Stolbtsy was laid capsule with a message to posterity. Ceremony signing this symbolic document, indicating that the start construction of a new plant with high-tech production, passed from participation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich.

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Started at the Gorky Automobile Plant conveyor assembly of machines with our engine D-245. 7E4 Euro-4 standard.

2013 Serial production started production of international engines environmental standards Euro-5 and Stage 3B.

Pre-production in progress MMZ-3LD engine. This small motor already undergoing field trials Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and aggregates,
JSC "Kurskelectroagregat", LLC "PSM" and some other
enterprises of Belarus and Russia.

Expanding cooperation with the Vietnamese VEAM Corporation.
For re-equipment of ZIL and GAZ vehicles engines
MMZ are shipped to Laos.

In June the first two automotive gas-diesel —
GD-245.7 with a capacity of 122 liters. With. and GD-245.9 with a capacity of 136 liters. With. One
of which will be tested as part of compressor station
at the branch in Stolbtsy, the second one was sent to Moscow to the central research automotive and automotive institute for tests on stand for fine-tuning the parameters of the motor. Two new engines of the D-249 series of Euro-5 level will be tested
by MAZ car and in the UGK laboratory.

In August the plant celebrated its 50th anniversary anniversary. Palace of the Republic in honor of the holiday welcomed about 2600 spectators, among them about 300 were guests of the enterprise. Representatives of state bodies authorities, partners from Belarus, Russia, other CIS countries, as well as representatives of about 30 firms and companies from far abroad congratulated motor builders on the holiday).

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In September assembly and commissioning
at the new production test bench UK for testing small motors up to 50 kW.

September 20 qualifying testing engines MMZ-3LD
and MMZ–3LDG successfully concluded with the signing act of the acceptance committee. It means that the plant is ready for serial production of such motors.

Construction of the production of high-strength iron casting
at the branch in Stolbtsy is under constant government control The Republic of Belarus. In 2013 at the facility First Deputy Prime Minister V.I. Semashko and Minister of Industry
D.S. Katerinich.

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In October engine D-245.7E4, intended for installation
on a new car of the Gorky Automobile Plant "Gazon-Next", received a certificate for compliance with UNECE Regulations Nos. 24, 49 and 85.

In the middle of November the 100th small engine MMZ-3LD.

history picture

President of Belarus A.G. Lukashenka December 6 awarded the Order of Honor engine tester TsSIM V.L. Savchuk, turner
EkTs A.B. Lozovsky, the driver of the SOP car O.P. Levdansky
and electrician CMS V.T. Tarasevich.

history picture

At the end of the year confirmation received European certificates
in North America for engines environmental level Stage 3A,
which makes it possible to sell them on this continent.

2014 Several modifications six-cylinder engines passed environmental certification Stage 3A and Stage 4 standards in Prague.

In March, the eighth in a row entered the CMS 3-axis machine
with CNC - machining center NЁС-630 German company "Heckert". By implementing this machine tool completed the formation of the site
for processing body parts promising Euro-4 engines,
-5 and MMZ–3LD.

history picture

The plant was awarded a diploma and a symbol of the award government
RB for achievements in the field of quality in 2013 year.

Another milestone completed the first stage of the project "Production high-precision, high-strength cast iron casting»
at the branch in Stolbtsy. For the area by cylinder liner production with a capacity of 8 thousand tons of castings per year manufactured
and purchased an advanced modern equipment. To branch
it was delivered by 21 trucks. Installation equipment will be manufactured under leadership of representatives supplier firms, including German "KUTTNER" and "OTTO JUNKER", Polish "Ferro Masz, Italian sky "TVT", Austrian "ATM" and others.

Prototypes of the D-245.9E5 engine ecological level
Euro 5 made for Pavlovsky bus factory. Serial production started three-cylinder diesel engines
turbocharged, primarily for BZTDiA. Implemented
large supply of engines in the amount of 220 pieces to Ethiopia
for re-equipment of ZIL and GAZ vehicles.

In the CMS at the site of cast iron and small parts introduced two new special turning modular machine tools manufactured by OJSC "Stanko-Gomel". At the end of June began installation of equipment on site
for the production of cylinder block liner blanks foundry production branch in Stolbtsy.

history picture

Two production units were introduced in MC-2 Slovenia
for automatic hardening with HDTV heating camshafts of all types.

In August Minister of Industry D.S. Katerinich met
with the progress of equipment installation at the foundry production in Stolbtsy.

Certified for compliance Stage 3A engine MMZ-3LDTI with a capacity of 49 liters. With. With turbocharger
and interpooler. Now the factory has got the right sell these motors
throughout the European Union.

Title "Honored Worker of Minsk motor plant” was assigned to: technical Director - Deputy General development director I.K. Anushkevich, boss
MTs-6 S.N. Pakharenko, adjuster instrumentation
and equipment EnTs A.V. Razmyslovich and milling machine
IP V.A. Tysevich.

The silver medal was awarded to JSC UKH MMZ for the development of the MMZ-3LGDT gas diesel engine at independent professional competition innovative technology in Moscow.

December 27, 2014 President of the Republic Belarus agreed
for the appointment of Igor Vyacheslavovich Emelyanovich as General Director of OAO UKH "MMZ".

2015At the branch in Stolbtsy created a prototype foam-generating systems with compressed air for the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

By the decision of the Collegium of the Ministry industry of the Republic of Belarus from 12 January 2015 to the team of authors engine builders were awarded the prize Ministry of Industry in Science and technology for 2014 in the nomination Mechanical engineering (cars, buses, road construction machines, engines
and other engineering products) on the topic „Development
and production of diesel engines ecological standard Euro-4“.

February 12 the thousandth MMZ-3LD engine.
It was intended for BZTDiA.

March 14 Prime Minister of Belarus A.V. Kobyakov visited the branch
JSC UKH "MMZ" in Stolbtsy for the purpose familiarization with the progress of implementation investment project for the construction production of high-precision, high-strength iron casting.

history picture

March 26 implementation of the project roadmap "The expansion of the use high-tech products and technologies Republic of Belarus for OAO Gazprom under vice chairmanship Prime Minister of Belarus V.I. Semashko and Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Gazprom V.A. Markelov.

A contract was signed for the supply to Vietnam 579 engines
D-245.9E2 and D-245.12C for conversion cars ZIL and GAZ.

In July by the certification body special and specialized vehicles and services road transport "SAMT-Fund" (St. Moscow) for engines D-245.7E5 and D-245.9E5 environmental level Euro-5 issued compliance certificates technical regulations of the Customs Union.

At the Gomel plant of starting engines launch of a new product - trailer tanks for food liquids with a capacity of 900 liters.

Equipment project completed self-propelled chassis Vladimirsky motor-tractor plant engine MMZ-3LD.

November 19 as part of the International scientific and technical conference for engine building in the Republic of Belarus took place solemnly new start small four-cylinder engine MMZ-4DTI. Sent to Cuba a large consignment engines
in the amount of 943 pieces.

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2016 – 2020s

2016 MMZ was among winners of the Republican competition innovative projects in 2015 (3rd place) with the project "Development and development small displacement diesel engines
up to 75 horsepower.

In the beginning of February advanced development meeting holding "Minsk Motor Plant" with the participation domestic consumers of engines. IN the meeting was attended by the minister industry of the Republic of Belarus V.M. Vovk, representatives of MTZ, MAZ, Amkodor, "Gomselmash", MZKT and other enterprises. Engine production preparation completed D-245.35E5. New model developed diesel generator set with engine MMZ-3LDG on chassis.

In April a meeting was held at the plant with participation of representatives of ministries industry, agriculture and food.

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Gosstandart, BelMIS, OIM NAS RB, MTZ, MAZ, Amkodor, Gomselmash, regional and regional organizations
JSC "Belagroservice" and others interested organizations
on application and operation engines D-262.S2, which are tests on agricultural machinery: combines, tractors, loaders.

May 6 President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenka paid a working visit factory.

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Engine D-245.35E5 ecological Euro-5 standard has been certified in with respect to emissions of harmful substances visible pollutants and with regard to measurement useful power. Certification results recognized in countries that have acceded
to the Geneva Agreement.

The plant took an active part in 26 international specialized exhibition Belagro-2016, where the enterprise was awarded the Diploma of the 1st degree of the Ministry agriculture and food The Republic of Belarus.

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In June JSC "Gomselmash" shipped pilot batch of D-262.S2 engines quantity of 10 pieces for testingon technology.

The plant was visited by potential partners from Syria - General Director of the company "WDRVM" and his deputy. In progress negotiations have identified directions cooperation
and the possibility of supplying the plant's products to Syria. Shipped
to the Minsk Automobile Plant the first batch engines
D-245.35E5 environmental standard Euro-5.

At the end of July the factory meeting-presentation of new types of products, including special equipment for which they arrived representatives of 24 organizations. Manufactured concrete mixer truck prototype environmental standard Ero-4.

At NPO ITELMA LLC (Moscow) passed bench tests of gas piston engines. On the GPD-245.7 engine, environmental level Euro-5, on the engine GPD-245.9 - Euro-4.

Prototypes of six-cylinder engines Stage
4 undergo operational testing in composition of Belarus tractors.

An experimental sample six-cylinder diesel engine GD-260.1 for testing as part of a loader. As part of tractors "Belarus" pass performance test three-cylinder gas diesel MMZ–3LDG
and a four-cylinder gas diesel GD-243.

Harvesting corn in the Vitebsk region in as part of combines, engines were tested D-262.S2–184. According to test results a decision was made to mass-produce these engines.

The President of Tatarstan and those accompanying him persons visited our enterprise. signed memorandum of cooperation with RariTEK JSC Holding" for the development and creation of engines gas piston group based on MMZ engines. A dealer agreement was signed with OAO PO ElAZ for the supply of our products to Tatarstan.

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A new modification of the three-cylinder engine MMZ-3LDG.1 with a power of 18 liters. With. By order of the company "Project-Tekhnika" (RF), which buys engines for installation on generating sets
and power plants.

In the beginning of November visited the plant delegation of business circles of Pakistan. By an agreement was signed as a result of negotiations about cooperation.

A new version has been created for Amkodorengine 262.S2 -
158 with a capacity of 330 liters. With. with a speed of 1900 rpm minute. prototype of this high-powered engine installed on the first sample of the universal chassis "Amkodor-5300".

At the end of December ended automotive certification
and tractor engines for compliance technical regulations of the Customs Union.

2017 The first Euro 5 six-cylinder engine for the Minsk Automobile Plant. In January the admissions committee recommended him to putting into production.
After field testing with vehicle will be decided on its serial production.

The scope of accreditation was updated factory test center. IC responds modern requirements and provides possibility of testing for confirmation of compliance with a wide range norms and rules.

At the beginning of March field testing self-propelled chassis MMZ-30TD.

In March the plant hosted a "round table" on the topic "Engine building is the most important competitiveness factor machine-building complex, in which attended by representatives of ministries and departments, scientific institutions

Created a new modification of the subcompact four-cylinder engine MMZ-4DTI.A CR. Unlike the base model
with mechanical fuel injection on it common rail fuel system installed manufactured by Bosch. Modification fuel pump, as well as injectors, used for the first time at the factory.

The design was developed and the first prototype two-cylinder engine MMZ–2LD. Structurally, the motor is based on three-cylinder. The main fundamental the difference is the presence of a mechanism, balancing moment from the forces of inertia 1st order.

Performing operational tests in composition of tractors
MTZ gas diesels.

In May new highly boosted engine D-262S2 -
158 with a power of 330 l. With. installed on the first tractor production "Amkodor" - "Amkodor 5300".

Behindwaters took an active part in the largest agricultural exhibition of the country "Belagro" with a large-scale exposition of its products.

July 3 a car with the latest the company's products took part in parade in honor of the Independence Day columns of civil engineering.

history picture

Manufactured and approved by the customer JSC NPP Project-Technique" (Rybinsk, Russian Federation) first prototype of a subcompact four-cylinder engine MMZ-4DTG power
23 kW with rated speed 1500 revolutions per minute
for use in electrical equipment.

Excellent new engine D-262S2–
184 when working as part of harvester KZS-1218 manufactured by Gomselmash during the harvesting campaign in the SHF "Dyagil" Myadel region.

In October one of the first large industrial enterprises of the republic MMZ received the certificate of the National System conformity confirmation of the Republic Belarus, certifying that the system quality management in relation to
to the design, development, production engines meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001–2015, valid until October

A month later for the first time ever the existence of the plant received an international certificate of conformity, certifying
that the quality management system in design, development
and production of Belarusian diesel engines meets ISO requirements 9001–2015 in the field of design, development
and engine manufacturing.

history picture

2018 MMZ specialists in Cuba did the work
for the conversion of trucks of the Soviet and American made by Belarusian engines, in particular for trucks "KAMAZ-5324" engines were installed D-260.562.

A branch is being created on the basis of OJSC UKH MMZ departments of organization
and Management of the Faculty of Economics and management of the Belarusian State economic faculte.

July 23 55th anniversary of enterprise formation.

September 11 to the position of General A.N. Mat.

Serial deliveries of industrial engines based on diesel MMZ–3LDT, for the Yelabuga Automobile factory, producing special equipment for oil and gas complex.

Continued line expansion diesel generator sets. Designed DGU project with a capacity of 10 kW based on MMZ-3LDG engine. Development is nearing completion High power DGU —
160 kW - based on a six-cylinder engine D-266.6.

A landmark project has been implemented - the creation small four-cylinder engine MMZ-3.6DTI, which uses modern design solutions that provide
its efficiency, optimization of dimensions, improving the filling of cylinders, working process and combustion process.

history picture

Successfully passed acceptance tests of an experimental a sample of a four-cylinder industrial engine MMZ–
4DTG.1 with a power of 23 kW. Commission recommended engine
to production.

At the Gorky Automobile Plant work resumed
for adaptation of MMZ engines of Euro-5 standard for GAZ vehicles.

The project to create tractor engine modifications, meeting Stage 5 environmental standards.
Companies involved in it: "Motorpal" (Czech Republic), Continental (Austria) and OOO Technocom (Russia).

The development of the first diesel pump installations based on the D-245 engine. First samples of installations provide for the use centrifugal pumps of the Italian company Rovatti.

At the end of the year chief specialists plant actively promoted MMZ products in Eastern regions of the world: in Egypt and Vietnam by participating in the meeting Belarusian-Egyptian joint trade commissions for the development of cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Arab Republic Egypt and in the 16th International Fair "Vietnam Expo-2018".

history picture

2019 In negotiations with the leadership of the Turbo division of the Czech CZ discussed issues of expansion cooperation. Czech turbochargers various modifications of Minsk engines, including the new MMZ-4DT motor. Now we are talking about promising developments. engine builders.

OJSC UKH MMZ participates in the UNIDO project - specialized unit of the United Nations for industrial development. in Belarusian enterprises are implementing a project „Institutional Development
and policy support for modernization enterprises - manufacturers of components for automotive sector
in the Republic of Belarus".

The first sample of the MMZ-4DTG.1 engine sent
for performance testing Shumerlyansky plant of specialized cars (Russian Federation). The engine is designed to operate as part of electrical units. Its power is 23 kW, rotation speed - 1500 rpm.

Results of work for the past year and plans industrial sector of the country for 2019 were reviewed at the visiting board Ministry of Industry of the Republic Belarus, which took place on the basis of MMZ.

history picture

In March a contract was signed with the company CES Co. Ltd" for the supply of engines for Cuba. The first batch of 110 motors was loaded immediately. During a year it is planned to bring deliveries
up to 400 engines.

Commodity distribution network of OJSC UKH MMZ expanded with two new entities. MMZ dealer status was assigned to the company "Agropanonka MTZ Finke" (Serbia). The official representative of MMZ in the Siberian federal district became Agrotrak LLC

Technological preparation started production of engines of a new family MMZ-4D/4DT/4DTI.

Minsk Motor Plant took part in large-scale exhibition of Belarusian goods Made in Belarus, which took place in the Republic Kazakhstan.

MMZ is accredited as a scientific organizations at a joint meeting GState Committee for Science and technologies of the Republic of Belarus and National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. Appropriate certificate issued enterprise.

history picture

As part of the project to create and production of environmental standard engines Stage 5 held four-way negotiations in which our partners German companies "Dinex" and Albonair and the Czech company Motorpal. The meeting took place in the Czech Republic.

Author's team of designers and MMZ technologists were awarded an industry award Ministry of Industry in the nomination Mechanical engineering (cars, buses, road construction machines, engines and other engineering products).

Cuban company "TRANSIMPORT" implemented a large batch of engines for re-equipment of MTZ-80/82 tractors.

Nearing completion of a joint venture with LLC "Raritek" (Republic of Tatarstan) project for development of a gas engine. Experienced samples are planned to be produced by the end of the year.

For the first time presented its products MMZ in Arab Republic of Syria on the 61st International exhibition „Damascus International Fair - 2019".

history picture

In October II Forum was held in Zhytomyr regions of Belarus and Ukraine,
within which the exhibition took place Belarusian and Ukrainian technology. MMZ accepted participate in it by presenting novelties production.

history picture

The company held a meeting of dealers JSC UKH MMZ operating in the countries far abroad and the CIS, where considered current issues in activities of dealer companies and their perspective work with OAO UKH MMZ. IN the number of the best dealers includes BelAgro LLP and Agrotechmarket LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan), company: "Habi kft". (Hungary), AGROTEX (Poland), "AGRO-MTZ EXPO kft". (Hungary), CJSC Lutava (Lithuania)
and others.

Deliveries of Belarusian engines were made to Uzbekistan
JSC "Tashkent plant of agricultural technology" and to Egypt of the company "Helwan Diesel Engines Co.

December 4 at the foundrybranch of OAO UKH MMZ
the first melting took place in Stolbtsy metal at a new site
for the production of small batches of castings XTS process.

history picture

Made in the production of special equipment a batch of diesel generator stations of various capacity ordered by the border troops Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus.

2020 Test launch of a new section of shaped castings took place
in the last days of January at the branch of OJSC UKH "MMZ" in Stolbtsy. The company was visited Chairman of the State Committee control of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Anfimov and Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Pavel Utyupin.

history picture

Member of the government delegation CEO
JSC UKH MMZ Alexander Rogozhnik visited Arab Republic of Egypt. As a result meetings and negotiations with potential partners concluded four dealer agreements, three contracts deliveries and signing a memorandum of promoting the products of the new foundry production of the branch of JSC UKH "MMZ"
in Stolbtsy to the Egyptian market.

April 10 first tests passed MMZ-4DTI engine as part of a vehicle UAZ-469. The Cuban application is being implemented company "TRANSIMPORT" for the supply of Minsk engines
for re-equipment of cars UAZ-469 located
in service in Cuba

history picture

In May the first engine was assembled Eco Level Stage
5 D-245.2S5M for the Minsk Tractor factory. It's sent
on MTZ for installation on a tractor and carrying out operational
and certification tests.

Gas-piston six-cylinder engine MMZ–262CNG 7.98 liter displacement presented at an exhibition in the Republic Tatarstan.

A new collective agreement was adopted by OAO UKH MMZ for 2020–2023.

In July in Prague (Czech Republic) successfully completed certification tests Stage 5 emission level engine.

To the Moscow office Austrian-German company "WINTERSTEIGER" shipped motor MMZ–4DTI.1–
03 with a capacity of 73 liters. With. with speed crankshaft 2400 rpm, designed for installation on plot harvester „DELTA“.

Prototypes of power plants were created, or industrial engines, for application on self-propelled machines for the installation of road fences and at a diesel power plant with variable rotor speed. Both orders were received from Russian consumers.

In the testing center of OAO UKH "MMZ" successfully passed the acceptance tests of the new engine modifications MMZ-4DTG, intended for use in electrical units.

MMZ purchased a modern high-tech equipment from Germany. This is a coordinate measuring machine "Accura 2" manufactured by "Zeiss" and industrial computer tomography company "General Electric". New equipment
largely intended for performing research, development and experimental and technological work.

history picture

The dealer network of the plant is expanding in the far abroad. The number of dealers has grown from 19 to 37 (mid-September). Added: ECARD agency (Egypt), NGA PHAT Co. ltd. (Vietnam), Amwar Trading co. (Pakistan), "Belarustractor KFT" (Hungary)
and others.

MMZ develops a new promising segment market - diesel engines in the "marine" execution. Based on small turbocharged engines MMZ–3LDTG MMZ–4DTIG modifications have been developed. They designed for diesel generators installations used on ships.

MMZ took part in the International specialized exhibition agricultural machinery "AGROSALON-2020" (Moscow). Among exhibits of famous brands was presented and products
JSC UKH MMZ. CEO Alexander Rogozhnik
and technical director Igor Anushkevich held at the exhibition
a number of important meetings, a program of negotiations turned out to be very busy.

In the testing center of OAO UKH "MMZ" introduced new production equipmentAustrian company "AVL"
for research work on fine-tuning Stage 5 engines
and achievement of Euro-6 level on motors. This particulate emission assessment system in engine exhaust gases quantitative method.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Roman Golovchenko visited the branch of OAO UKH MMZ in Stolbtsy. He familiarized himself with the line manufactured engines, diesel generators installations
and compressor stations, visited production of high-precision, high-strength iron casting.

history picture

Preparations for production have begun production in 2021 of the first industrial batches of engines of the new family MMZ–4D/4DT/4DTI/4DTG up to 200 things.

Minsk engine D-243S2–2778 replaced Japanese and European engines on the loader ANT-1000 Kovrov Electromechanical plant (Russian Federation). 60 such motors were delivered
in Carpets for a complete set of loaders. IN new year deliveries will continue.

At the expense of the funds of the engine building enterprise insured
from the danger of disease and the consequences coronavirus infection
and other accidents.

MMZ is the first industrial enterprise Republic of Belarus received a certificate, giving the right to participate in the proceedings public procurement in the territory Russian Federation.

New opportunities for promotion and increase in sales of Minsk special equipment engine plant in Russia open thanks to a unique leasing program, which is the result of the partnership of JSC UKH MMZ and JSC Sberbank Leasing.

JSC "UKH "MMZ" started the implementation of the 5S being one of the tools lean manufacturing.